For When the Veil Drops

West Pigeon Press Returns with More Truly Dark Fiction


West Pigeon Press is honored to present its newest anthology, a collection of resonant, unbridled dark fiction.  Unburdened by genre and disparate in subject, these stories find common cause in their emphasis on mood, style, intelligence, and emotional depth.  West Pigeon is proud to release these stories under its banner, and is proud to  have you as a  reader.

Featuring all new stories by A.A. Garrison, Paul L. Bates, Bryan Brown, Robin Wyatt Dunn, J.R. Hamantaschen, Christian Larsen, BV Lawson, Samuel Minier, Nick Medina, Doug Murano, Joshua Clark Orkin, Yarrow Paisley, Lydia Peever, Michael Trudeau, and Michael Wehunt.

As unorthodox as it may be to admit on a promotional website, the less revealed about these  stories – and the more left to the reader to discover – the better.

West Pigeon Press is dedicated to quality.  Take a chance on this anthology.

Trust us.